EA has released a Shout Team Halloween for FIFA Mobile to celebrate Halloween. You treat token when you have done the live events and can get technique. Additionally there are players cards featuring Halloween.




This system works till December 1. During October 28 to November 1, the featured people' stats will be elevated, which means you can easily see their evaluations improve in your FIFA Mobile. When this period went their numbers will baco towards the authentic. During Scream Team, you will have a number of Flash Activities and specific Halloween Live where you could generate Halloween or Tokens - Participants, that will enable you to complete Scream Team Programs.

  • Scream Team Upgrade - Redeem Silver Halloween Players to receive one (1) Gold Halloween Player
  • Treat for Trick - Redeem Treat Tokens to earn a Trick Token
  • Trick Trade in - Redeem a Trick Token to receive a random prize
  • Scream Team Elite Player Plans - There are four (4) Scream Team Elite Players to unlock in FIFA Mobile. Each player has their own requirements to unlock, so check in-game for specifics.
  • Master Elite Player Plan - When you complete a Scream Team Elite Player Plan, you not only unlock that particular player, you also earn a special Monster Token. Collect all four Monster Tokens to unlock the Master Elite Player, Chelsea's Diego Costa.

 For you personally, there are 8 new Shout Team programs to perform, offering the chance to state 5 Elite Player Items (shown below)

Here is a complete list of the featured players:


  • LB - Riza Durmisi
  • LB - Wendell Nascimento Borges
  • LB - Giorgio Chiellini
  • CB - Martín Mantovani
  • CB- Shane Lowry
  • CB - Robert Huth
  • CB - Kyriakos Papadopoulos
  • CB - Douglas Bergqvist
  • CB - Pepe
  • RB - Łukasz Burliga
  • RB - Ezequiel Schelotto
  • RB - Ryan Shawcross
  • RB - Atiba Harris
  • RWB - Oier Sanjurjo Maté
  • CDM - Stefan Ilsanker
  • CDM - Héctor Yuste Cantón
  • CDM - Luiz Gustavo
  • CDM - Daniele De Rossi
  • CDM - Papa Kouli Diop
  • CDM - Cheick Tioté
  • LM - Sławomir Peszko
  • LM - Rubens Sambueza
  • CM - Joey van den Berg
  • CM - Tongo Doumbia
  • CM - Marouane Fellaini
  • CM - Alan Smith
  • CM - Arturo Vidal
  • CM - N'Golo Kanté
  • CAM - Jermaine Jones
  • CAM - Daryl Smylie
  • RM - Kerim Mrabti
  • RF - Jamie Vardy
  • ST - Besart Berisha
  • ST - Diego Costa
  • ST - Alan Gordon
  • ST - Per Frick


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